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Helping make the construction industry safer, one test at a time.   

NZ owned and operated.

He pākihi Māori mātou!

With around 100,000 people tested, CTL is the

largest assessment provider in the public domain.

For your ConstructSafe details click on Personal Profile

on the menu bar and follow the prompts, cards are no longer issued.

ConstructSafe testing is our sole focus.

Construct Testing Limited is a nationwide, mobile, and ConstructSafe-accredited testing company.   We specialise in ConstructSafe testing and work with you to make it as easy as possible.


No number of candidates is too big or too small for our team.

( 1 person to 200 plus in a day )


We can often test you and your team on the same day you call.

Contact us to find out more, or to arrange a time and place that suits you and your team.

We can get you ConstructSafe qualified.

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+64 21 285 2850
Construct Safe

What is the ConstructSafe Framework?

The national standard for health and safety competency, for the construction industry, controlled by CHASNZ.


ConstructSafe provides a framework to test and measure health and safety competence, relevant to all levels of the industry.

ConstructSafe enables us to raise the health and safety standards of our industry.

By working together, we’re creating a safer and more competent workforce.

Around 100,000 people have proven their competency so far, and with ConstructSafe now moving into residential and commercial sectors,

these numbers are set to rise.  


We come to you - wherever and whenever.


We can test you anytime between 0500 – 2200hrs.  

Seven days a week, at any venue that you choose.  

We just need a room – the Boardroom, the Portacom, or the local cafe.


  •       We bring the iPads; Your team brings approved identification.

  •       We get them started; Each candidate answers the questions. 

  •       We submit the test; You get the results immediately.

We make it easy and save you time, travel and the inconvenience,

This means you can qualify and get back on the tools sooner. 

Many of our candidates have actually enjoyed the experience.

We book sessions in 90minute blocks but most people pass within 35mins, if the candidate does not pass we will review the test then set them up for another instantly while the information is fresh in their minds.


We are mobile, flexible, and personal.

We are real people so give us a call and we'll help you out.

+64 21 285 2850

The foundation test

  This test is a prerequisite for the other ConstructSafe test.

This test is made up of 50 questions, and most people finish within forty-minutes, because it is made up of multi-choice and pictorial questions.


The test is generic, construction-wide, and health and safety focused.

Areas covered in the test are:




Don’t forget construction signs!

Once you pass you will be assigned a ConstructSafe number, with this number you can prove your competency or you can be registered to sit the other tier tests.

The foundation test does not expire!

  • working at heights

  • utilities and services

  • traffic

  • confined and restricted spaces

  • general responsibilities

  • emergencies

  • plant

  • chemicals and hazardous substances


This test is 

trade and occupation

specific and is now available!


This test is specifically for supervisors and is now available!


This test is aimed at 

managers and is now available!


This test is specifically for supervisors and is now available!

The real benefits

For you, your team, and our industry.

The individual gets a qualification and a digital profile to prove it.

The manager or supervisor gets the team’s results, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and improves their health and safety training.

The owner invests in the team, health and safety performance,

and the business.

The client is confident that you and your team are competent.

This is how we make the construction industry safer, one test at a time.

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