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A Family Enterprise

Doing it for the right reasons

Johan Bosch

Has significant knowledge, skills and experience.  


He was previously the Director of Air Force Safety and Health, General Manager Delivery Site Safe, and is a current member of the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council.  Johan has been ConstructSafe testing since March 2017.


Johan Bosch

Director | Test Supervisor

Ko Ngāpuhi, kō Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa ngā iwi.

Ko Ngāti Ruamahue te hapū.

Kia ora koutou,

I 'grew up' in the RNZAF where flight safety was paramount, the mantra was 'mission first; safety always.'


I was the first Director of Air Force Safety and Health.

I spent three years as GM Delivery for Site Safe NZ, improving the training, services, and products to the construction industry.

I am now committed to ConstructSafe, because it actually tests competency, and have been testing since March 2017.

I was recently a member of Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, investing the motorcycle safety levy, to make riding our roads safer.

I enjoy motorcycling, fishing, and adventures with moko.


Luca Bosch

Director | Test Supervisor

Ko Ngāpuhi, kō Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa ngā iwi.

Ko Ngāti Ruamahue te hapū.

I grew up playing in sand dunes of a small west coast town called Whāingaroa (Raglan)

I then landscaped the hills of Wellington before walking the mountains of NZ as infantry in our Army.  I also deployed on operations overseas.

More recently I worked in the Australian transport industry for 5 years.

I moved back to work with my father in business and have been ConstructSafe testing since September 2017. I conduct the testing south of Taupo, like meeting people, and enjoy learning about our industry.

During my time off I enjoy spending time with my partner and sons, I also like to hunt, fish and dive. 


Also trying my best to not let Johan teach my boys too many tricks...

Rhi Spedding
Administrator | Test Supervisor

Ko Ngāpuhi te iwi.

Ko Māhurehure te hapū.

Born and raised in the "tropical" Far North, my family and I then moved to chilly Christchurch. This is when I met Luca (you can decide if this was a good or bad thing)


I was happily working in Cathedral Square when the earthquakes struck and half a year later we decided to move to Melbourne.

Over the years I have established myself as an all round office administration superstar.


Once Luca's hair started to turn grey we decided to move back to NZ and start a family. I have recently decided these boys need a bit of supervising and have slowly started joining the CTL team.   


Most recently I have been very busy with our two little boys but whenever I do get some spare time I enjoy playing netball and spinning a yarn to anyone that will listen.

Te Rawhitiroa Bosch
Comms Manager | Test Supervisor

Ko Ngāpuhi, ko Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa ngā iwi.
Ko Ngāti Ruamahue te hapū.

As a freelance photographer I'm usually out and about photographing  kaupapa Māori around the country but when my Dad and little bro started up the whānau business I was stoked to be able to support by taking care of the communications side of things, capturing the photos, organising the branding collateral and building the website.

I have a solid grounding in Te Ao Māori, Te Reo me ōna Tikanga and as well as my background in photography and marketing, I have years of experience in programme management and facilitation. 
I chose the freelance life so I could have more time to be out hunting and diving but lately it seems I've been doing more work than play.

Stoked to be part of our whānau buisness and keeping our people safe.

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