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The ConstructSafe Framework


The Framework is made up of 5 different tests, outlined below.


  • The foundation test is the baseline competency qualification, relevant to all people working in the industry.  The foundation qualification is required before attempting the other tiers.

  • Then we have trades specific test.  There are Scaffolder, Loader, Excavator and Electrician tests available now, with an ever growing list soon to include carpentry and more.


  • Supervisory test is aimed at leading hands, foremen, and supervisors.  This covers risk management, reporting, and investigations.

  • Management test is for site managers, project managers, and owners. This covers leadership, safety indicators, and safety management.


  • Professionally qualified occupations test is for Client organisations, Contract managers, and H&S professionals.   This covers procurement, contractor management, and Health and Safety in Design. 

ConstructSafe is better because


It confirms competence. 

It measures to a consistent and relevant standard.

It is built by the industry.

Industry working groups ensure it is relevant for all sectors and all trades.

 It saves resources.

It is cheaper, faster, and you only train when you need.  

It is flexible.

We can test 1 person or the whole team on site, when and where you want.   

Individuals like it.

It is practical, interactive and fun, and focused on what you need.

Business owners like it.

It gives instant results, showing strengths and weaknesses, and doesn't take all day.


It is all online.

Check a individuals digital profile here

Check committed businesses here  

You don't need to carry a card anymore.

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